Best Canoe Paddles

As we all know, a good canoe paddle will be helpful for you.

In order to help you, we have collected all the most recommended canoe paddles for you to choose from. So, from now on, stop worrying about the quality or your pocket, for they are all made well and inexpensive.

If you truly want to have a beautiful canoe paddle, read our page right now. I am sure you will get no disappointments.

Finding the Best Canoe Paddles

Sun Dolphin Jon boat Mooring Cover
Sun Dolphin

No more heavy wood oars for you. The KL Industries Canoe Paddle is a great upgrade. It’s lighter and stronger, which means you can go farther, faster.

Carlisle Economy Aluminum Canoe Paddle with T-Grip (Yellow, 60-Inch)

Lightweight and durable, this is the perfect all-purpose paddle. An 8 X 20 blade adds power to your stroke. A tempered-aluminum shaft with a 13 HDPE grip for sure handling.

Customer Reviews
  • “Great Paddle, easy to use and very light weight.” – George J. Ramsteck
  • “They are sturdy, comfortable and if I need more I will buy the same thing.” – George Henne
  • “Quick prompt service.” – C. Storley

Attwood Wood Canoe Paddle (2 1/2-Feet)

Telescoping Paddle

Consumer Reports
  • “When I got this it was a light wood (not the color advertised) the base is skinny (not wide like advertised) & is a feather brand not Atwood brand.” – Pen Name
  • “Using them decoratively in a sunroom and they are perfect for what I wanted them for.” – jodi01003
  • “I ordered specifically for the color of the photo, I will be returning.” – Kelley K. Wood

Carlisle Standard Polyethylene Clad Aluminum Canoe Paddle with T-Grip (Yellow/Blue, 60-Inch)
Carlisle Paddle Gear

The industry standard for strength and durability, with an 8 x 20 blade. A vinyl-clad aluminum shaft provides power and reduces maintenance.  Available colors: Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Olive, and Yellow Blades/Blue Shaft.

  • “These paddles are strong and of great quality.” – stevedonzi
  • “I will eventually buy a second one.” – Frank A. Gasperini Jr.
  • “A great paddle without spending a lot of money.” – JNB

Carlisle Ausable Wooden Canoe Paddle (66-Inch)

This durable, laminated paddle is utility grade but inexpensive, making it an excellent beginner paddle or spare. The 36 and 42 are perfect for kids.

Canoe Paddles Reviews
  • “Fine quality wood, and most importantly, they do the job.” – Dr. Robert Solomon
  • “This paddle was well priced.” – Daniel Patton
  • “Would apply another coat of varnish early on.” – Scott Kerns

Caviness RD50 Wood Paddle

Caviness Twin Stripe Paddle – The paddle has the Caviness wedge insert as a standard feature. This cross grained lamination process provides the butt of paddle blade with a feature normally applied to very expensive paddle.

Sawyer Glide Laminated Wood Fiberglass Canoe Paddle with RockShield Tip - 58 in

The Sawyer Glide Canoe Paddle is a high value recreational paddle and paddles well beyond its modest price. Features a smooth, comfortable pear grip, an indexed oval shaft, and a molded blade that feathers cleanly through the water.

Expert Advice
  • “The paddle is well made, pleasant to hold, and to use.” – Rock Jock
  • “I’ve been canoeing in the Boy scouts for years and this is a great paddle.” – P. Lake
  • “In other words, you can feel when the blade is truly perpendicular to the hull, submerged to the proper depth, and free of turbulence.” – J. Cleveland

Caviness RD Series Laminated Wood Paddle, Natural, 4-Feet

The RD Series has the CAVINESS Wedge Insert as a Standard feature. This cross grain end lamination process provides the butt of the paddle blade with a feature normally applied to only Very Expensive Paddles.

Kwik Tek P-1 Telescoping Paddle (20-Inches - 45-Inches)
Kwik Tek

20 – 45 inch long, for low profile boats and PWCs.

Canoe Paddles Reviews
  • “The paddles are very strong and sturdy!” – craek
  • “These paddles work great, the extend into full length.” – Justin
  • “It is lightweight and the telescopic handle means it can be shrunk for easy storage.” – Isaac de Carver

Attwood Telescoping Paddle

A light, tough, compact Paddle to keep handy for everyday situations and emergencies! Even in a motor boat, you never know.

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